Tyler Hubbard: Enjoying Time Off


Earlier this year — on July 20, to be exact — Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard issued his most recent tweet.

It was all about how he was going to take a break from social media, indefinitely. He admitted that he spent too much time on it, and thinking about each post, it was “getting ridiculous.” (His words, not mine.)

“I just took a little time off,” Hubbard explained in a radio interview. “I was really spending a ton of time on my phones doing this. I was like, ‘Look, there’s a lot more things I should be doing than sitting here doing this right now.’”

And while he says he will probably log back on eventually, he is really enjoying the time off.

“I think (social media) is great for a lot of reasons, but for me, I just needed a little time off. I’m much more productive,” he said.

You can still see an occasional glimpse into Hubbard’s life when his wife Hayley posts something. Or when their dog Harley does.

Harley Hubbard has almost 33,000 followers on Instagram, and sometimes even posts pictures of Hubbard and Hayley, or as he calls them, “Mom and Dad.”

Article: http://www.cmt.com/news/1773746/tyler-hubbard-a-lot-more-he-should-be-doing/