Interviews Under the Influence: 7 Things We Learned About Florida Georgia Line After 11 Shots of Whiskey:


A little truth serum always makes for an interesting interview.

That’s exactly why I invited the guys of Florida Georgia Line to take part in a new series for ET, called Interviews Under the Influence, while sharing a bottle of their own Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey. No topics were off limits, but the guys did have an option to plead the fifth — for a price.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley joined me in Los Angeles recently for a little game of “Five Shots” (also known as our version of “Drunk Jenga”). These are the rules:

1. Pull a question from the “Drunk Talk” pile.
2. Won’t answer the question? Take a shot!
3. Answer the question? I take a shot.
4. First player to five shots loses.

But the beauty of this game is that I want to lose, because that means our players have dished some dirt and answered touchy questions without flinching. (Well, maybe with a little flinching.) And these guys delivered. In between throwing back more than 11 combined shots of Old Camp, we put Tyler and Brian on the spot: Which awards show is the most painful to sit through? Who had the most awkward celebrity run-in? Who got catfished over Twitter? Watch and find out.

See ET’s Interviews Under the Influence With Florida Georgia Line below!