We challenge you to be the 1 to make a difference.
#Give1toProtect1 #SustainableSingita

Singita and their connected non-profit The Bodhi Tree Foundation are putting a twist on what it means to travel. Singita has partnered with Hayley and Tyler Hubbard as they travel back to Africa to raise awareness and campaign for the efforts Singita strives to provide for its community and the surrounding wildlife that inhabits it. Their hope in sharing their travels is to raise funds and awareness to the conservation, education and protection of the endangered wildlife and communities whom reside in the magnificent Serengeti in Tanzania and also within the precious wildlife reserves in southern Africa.

Hayley and Tyler visited Singita last year and were captivated by the wildlife, people and charitable efforts Singita and The Bodhi Tree Foundation strive to protect. We hope that you will join us and the Hubbard’s in our mission to uphold this sacred land.
The Hubbards will be posting to social media using the hashtags #Give1toProtect1 with the hopes that viewers will donate even as little as $1 to help protect, educate, and conserve our ONE beautiful and magnificent world.