Florida Georgia Line Spills on Tour Diets (and the Fast Food They Splurge On) – Sounds Like Nashville

SOUNDS LIKE NASHVILLE – Tour life isn’t the easiest way to keep up with one’s health, but the guys of Florida Georgia Line make their diets a top priority whenever they hit the road.

From green smoothies to lean protein dinners, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard make good choices whenever they sit down for a meal. Rather than chow down on greasy fast-food options, they make sure the cleanest foods are around to snack on in order to fuel their bodies for the strenuous nights performing.

Letting loose every once in a while, the duo balances out with some of their favorite indulgences. Although they keep the sweets to a minimum, there is one joint on the side of most freeways that drive their taste buds wild when that red light is shining bright.

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