Florida Georgia Line reveals what wakes them up every morning — and it’s adorable

Florida Georgia Line isn’t just the border between two southern states — it’s the name of the multiplatinum duo consisting of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

In between touring the country, writing music and being honored by the AMAs, Billboard Music Awards and CMT Music Awards (among others), they head home to Nashville for rest and relaxation. We caught up with the guys for TODAY’s Morning Routine series to find out how they spend their early hours when they’re not on the road.

Who, of the two of you, is more of a morning person? Why?

Brian: Tyler all the way! He gets up and works out every morning.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Tyler: Kiss my beautiful wife and baby girl. We’re on the road a lot, so any chance I can get to love on them and hang at home with my girls is worth it.

Brian: Ditto — kiss my beautiful wife, and then let all the dogs out!

What does your alarm clock sound like?

Tyler: My daughter Liv’s been the cutest alarm clock I’ve ever had.

Brian: The dogs’ barking! Brittney (his wife) and my tribe is full with a pack of four! We have Sunday, Smoke, Sage and Stone. They love to run outside together in the morning.

Tyler: My golden retriever Harley’s new favorite morning routine is checking on Liv. They’ve become the best of friends since the day she was born.

What do you usually eat and drink at breakfast?

Tyler: Omelet with ham and scallions or oatmeal with dates and almonds. Some fresh fruit on the side. I always need a solid start to the day. Lots of water in the morning. Especially after working out.

Brian: Omelet with egg whites, turkey, spinach, onions, tomato, mushroom, cheddar plus some avocado on top always gets the good vibes flowing! Coffee for me. My go-to is an Americano with a splash of hazelnut and almond milk.

What is the best breakfast sandwich you’ve discovered on tour?

Brian: Any kind of egg, cheese and sausage on an everything bagel is money. But, there is something about a New York City breakfast sandwich that always hits the spot. It must be in the water.

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?

Tyler: Can’t go wrong with a little cookout with family and friends on Memorial Day! We’ll also be toasting to the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

Brian: We’ll definitely have a Patriot Bottle on hand to raise a glass to all those who fought and continue to fight for our nation.

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Beyond entertaining the masses, the band has their own spirit, Old Camp Whiskey, a peach pecan whiskey, which recently debuted a limited edition star-spangled bottle at Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California, in partnership with the United States Organizations (USO), a nonprofit supporting America’s military service members.

“My grandfather was a POW and earned two purple hearts,” says Kelley. “I have always been inspired by his story, bravery and dedication. Supporting the troops and veterans will always mean a lot to both of us.”