Florida Georgia Line Prank Cole Swindell

That moment when you wake up to hundreds of missed calls…yikes. Cole Swindell just had to deal with the painful agony of that thanks to a little bit of fun and games from the guys of Florida Georgia Line.

The duo whipped up their mischievous sides to come up with the ultimate prank to pull on their former tour mate and thought he needed a little bit of a wakeup call quite literally. Tweeting out a silly message to almost two million followers, the guys thought nothing less of exposing Swindell’s personal phone number to rouse up his Monday morning.


@coleswindell you keep singin You’ve Got My Number, just wanna make sure they REALLY do. 6152834351 y’all feel free to hit him up! Miss ya,” they wrote out to their supporters. Of course, a tweet like this couldn’t go unnoticed as Swindell replied a few hours later recognizing that he was the victim of a hilariously cruel practical joke. Taking it in stride as the polite country artist he is, Swindell surely laughed it off with a quick reply back to the guys.

While it’s safe to assume Swindell won’t be the owner of that number anymore, it still goes to show how much fun the country music community has with one another, both on and off the road.

Florida Georgia Line will be performing on the 50th Annual CMA Awards, which will be aired live on Wednesday, November 2, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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