@flagaline Spills The One Fast Food Place They Always Stop At

For about a year, Florida Georgia Line had a rough gig: About once a month, they’d taste whiskey before shows, taking notes as they came up with their own kind of alcohol, a variety with peach-pecan notes, like the South’s answer to cinnamon-y Fireball. “We’d go into the meet and greet nice and buzzed,” laughed Brian Kelley, one half of the country duo.

“Extra smiley,” his partner, Tyler Hubbard, added.

They finally landed on Old Camp Whiskey, a line they’re so proud of they drink it straight out of the bottle on stage. But, for as much as the band’s gotten a reputation for bringing the party — something that’s as true in their 2012 hit “Cruise” as it is today, during their Dig Your Roots tour — when they’re off stage, the singers eat surprisingly clean (read: no drive-thrus here, save one very crucial exception, but we’ll get to that later).

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