Everything We Know About Florida Georgia Line’s New Album, ‘Dig Your Roots’

Lucky for their fans, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line have been having trouble keeping the details of their newest album, Dig Your Roots, to themselves. True, they’ve kept some major details under wraps, but from pictures of them recording in a treehouse to teases about Kelley’s increased vocal presence on the project, the duo has also shared quite a bit.

Eager to know everything there is to know about Dig Your Roots? Read on!

The Title

Florida Georgia Line’s newest album will be called Dig Your Roots.

The Release Date

We don’t have the exact release date yet, but Dig Your Roots should be out sometime in August of 2016.

The Record Label

FGL have been signed with Republic Nashville — part of the Big Machine Label Group — since July of 2012. Their third studio album will be on that label as well.

The Album Cover

Album art hasn’t been revealed yet, but if previous albums are any indication, we’ll probably get to see Hubbard and Kelley gracing the front of the project.

The Producer

Dig Your Roots will be produced by Joey Moi, who is also responsible for producing FGL’s Here’s to the Good Times and Anything Goes.

The Single

Dig Your Roots‘ first single, “H.O.L.Y.,” was released on April 29; the acronym stands for “High on Loving You,” a key line in the song’s chorus.

“H.O.L.Y.” is a slow-jam love song that sounds nothing like FGL’s standard “bro country” party song fare. And if fans weren’t expecting a piano ballad as the duo’s newest single, they’re in good company: It wasn’t what Hubbard and Kelley were expecting at first either.

“The song came in, me and BK gave it half a listen, probably not even to the chorus, and said, ‘Nah, that’s not really us. We’re gonna pass,’” Hubbard tells ABC News Radio. “A couple weeks later, we just were both kinda like, ‘Have you been listening to that “H.O.L.Y.,” that song?’ Sure enough, we were both like, ‘Man, we gotta cut this!”

Also on April 29, Florida Georgia Line released the music video for “H.O.L.Y.” The song is available for download on iTunes.

The Songs

We don’t know specific track names or anything, but FGL have said time and again that they are proud of the time they’ve put into the songs on their forthcoming album.

“We’re really putting in the time, making sure our songs stand out, that they’re gonna cut through the radio, that they’re gonna really leave an effect, positively, on our fans,” Kelley explains.

Hubbard and Kelley have shared, though, that they are “super excited” about a collaboration with Tim McGraw on one of the album’s songs. They have described the songs as “kind of like “Round Here” meets “Dirt.””

Additionally, Kelley is setting expectations for the album high.

“I think this album is going to be our deepest album,” he says. “It’s gonna be our strongest, and we’re pushing ourselves on all levels: vocally, lyrically, melodically.

The Inspiration

Married life may have had an effect on the songs on Dig Your Roots; “H.O.L.Y.” certainly hints in that direction. Still, a focus on more mature material doesn’t mean that the fun is over.

“It’s a man album,” Kelley tells Taste of Country, about the “married guy” songs the disc will feature. Hubbard clarifies, “Some ‘married guys who still like to party’ songs.”

The Tour

The Dig Your Roots tour kicks off in May in Tupelo, Miss., and will run through October. FGL will be joined by openers Cole Swindell, the Cadillac Three and Kane Brown during their time on the road. Find tickets and a complete tour schedule at the band’s website.

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